Bohemian, alternative and luxurious gemstone jewelry for the old souls and bold hearts. Hand-crafted in Finland.

Saima Stone Jewelry is inspired by the mystical North and nature's magical beauty.

We believe that jewelry not only showcases your own unique style but also depicts your core values. Our pieces feature ethically sourced high quality gemstones and certified wood from Finland.

By making a purchase at Saima Stone Jewelry you make a donation to homeless animals. For each piece sold 1 € is donated to local animal shelters.

  • Naturally colorful jewelry inspired by the Nordic mythology and nature's magical beauty.

  • Our materials include ethically sourced, high-quality gemstones and certified wood from Finland.

  • Sustainable jewelry made to last a lifetime. Our core values are sustainability, human rights and animal rights. By making a purchase you donate to homeless animals in Finland.